Add Revit family and Revit Type to elements in Rhino

I am following this guide: Rhino | Speckle Docs
and it’s saying that I can attach also the properties Revit Family and Revit Type to it. But how do I do that? It’s unfortunately not documented. I tried to add 2 Properties as you can see in the picture.

Appreciate any help.


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Hey @Laurin :wave:,

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In order to assign Speckle schemas to Rhino geometry, first make sure you enabled the Speckle Toolbar(below GIF). There you’ll see a bunch of options such as (Wall, Floor, Column, Beam etc.) Most of these options expect a special type of input. Floors expect a Surface in order to generate a native Revit floor. Or columns expect a Line in order to generate a native Revit column. You got the point.

If you want to convert your solids into Revit elements, then you can use Direct shape. Let’s say you want to receive the above extrusion under the Floor category, then you can use DirectShape command and assign the Floor category to it. Options are quite limited atm. We’re working on expanding this functionality (hopefully it’ll be ready in the coming months).


Hi @gokermu,

thanks for the quick reply.
I do have access to the toolbar and that’s how I created the SpeckleSchema = Beam as you can see in the picture below.

My question however is whether I can assign a Revit Family and Type to the Rhino objects, so that when I receive the geometry in Revit that Speckle doesn’t randomly assigns a Revit Family.

For example:
Rn, the line in Rhino only knows that it is a Speckle beam, but I need the beam to be a Delta beam in Revit which has the Family name: 253_Stålbjælker_Delta D_ABC .
But a prefab concrete beam is created in Revit (see picture below).

So is there a way to tell the line what Revit family it should be?



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I don’t think it is possible to do that (yet) via Rhino (pinging @AlanRynne for confirmation). But you can easily define family and types with a simple Grasshopper definition.
Revit Beam with Family and (10.5 KB)