Introduce yourself 🙆

Hello, my name is Roger (but not Federer, only Head of BIM at Jansen AG in Switzerland)

I’m very interested in the platform. Exchange of data via different target systems.
A dream becomes true? I am excited. But at the moment still a greenhorn.

When I’m not in the office I like to spend my time outside, but never without a golf club

See You


Welcome @Roger_Wollhaupt , glad to have you here!
Let’s make your dreams come true :boom:

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Hi Everyone
I’m Ibrahim Gokce, living in Istanbul,Turkey

I am an architect currently working as a BIM manager at a company that designs and manufactures aluminum facades.

I have experience working with BIM and computational design tools (aided Python, C# and JavaScript) on data transfer between programs and machines (CNC), process and geometric optimizations, reaching the right design in terms of manufacturability and integration of the whole system with ERP.

I’m tired of most of the AEC Industry mythologizing BIM and Big Data and doing nothing. I was very happy to see this community develop so many exciting tools for “real DATA” and I wanted to join you.

Nice to meet you all!


Welcome to the party, Ibrahim.



Hey guys, I’m Ryan, originally from Ireland :green_circle:, living in Copenhagen :red_circle: for the past few years.

Background in computational design and robotic fabrication :robot:, now working on developing AECO systems at Stykka and xbuild.

C#, VueJS, Firebase, GCP, Make, Elixir, Phoenix, Node. :technologist:

Table football, tennis and F1 fan (RedBull :racing_car:)


Hey Ryan.

Nice to see some GCP love and more exotic languages in the wild too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ah, Elixir, massive concurrency at the expense of having to think completely backwards to most of the rest of my stack. :upside_down_face:


Hello all! My name is Shawn Weekly, and I live in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. I found this place yesterday, and I am VERY intrigued. I do not work in the AEC industry, I work in the electrical utility industry, and we have many, of not most, of the same struggles you have, along with a list of special pain points that maybe, just maybe, there is an answer to here in Speckle.

My background is in software architecture and design, and I have worked across a lot of industries doing that for better than two decades now. I hope to leverage that experience some here, I see immediate need to maybe create some connectors for the tools that we use in the utility industry. I can see immediate need for connectors in Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Electrical, Map3D and Navisworks, as well as connections to Bentley ProjectWise and Autodesk Vault. There are some challenges in our industry around the use of cloud ‘stuff’ due to regulations special to us, but I think we can work around that.

looking forward to working with y’all, I’m excited about the potential use cases for our industry!


Hi there, I am Robert Klaschka from Winchester in the UK. I run a small business EvrBilt which is mostly focused on measured survey with all the usual mixed media of laser scanning, photogrammetry, and more traditionally surveyed data. Before I took a turn towards measuring the built environment I worked as a designer running an architecture practice for nearly 15 years. My formal training is in interior design, so jokes about the attributes on cushions and curtains are legal tender if you think I need reminding of this!

One of my obsessions, if you could call it that is doing more with feature coded data that surveyor collect on site but is generally transformed into CAD drawings or 3D models and in the process much of the information which was carefully organised simply disappears into deal lines and disconnected annotations. I think this data coupled with speckle could facilitate some really good collaborative workflows between different surveying disciplines where measured survey facilitates other activities like arboricultural surveys or right of light surveys, Watch this space, I’m sure I’ll need advice.

I have been interested in speckle since I first heard about it in London at a presentation but have recently started to play more.

I am also a keen sailor, and racer on yachts and current chairperson of the Little Britain Chllenge Cup, which in the UK is the biggest construction and property yachting regatta. Yachting is another amazing data rich environment.


Hi everyone, I’m Fabiana, Revit expert, parametric families developer, BIM passionate from the beginning and maybe earlier!
just discovered Speckle, I’m really excited about it and about the amazing things we can do here.
Italy was no country for BIM for years, so the only one who listened my wonderful BIM speeches was my cat, Jackie Chan :heart_eyes_cat:
… sometimes these speeches were too long…

Nice to meet you all!


You must now have one of the smartest cats. Welcome aboard!


Hi Everyone, I’m Duncan and I’m keen to find out more about Speckle.

I work as the Digital Design integration and insights team at Laing O’Rourke.

We have a strategy to digitalise design, as we believe that a relentless focus on data quality is the only way to improve construction certainty, and to delight our clients.

Outside of work I spend most of my spare time walking Hamish, being Dad, and following the NBA.

Here’s me and Hamish



Nice to meet you Duncan. And nice shirt, Hamish. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi community!

The fresh meat just arrived! This is the first day for me at Speckle as software engineer! :boom:

I am Oğuzhan Koral, architect, software developer and enthusiast on computational geometry, buildings physics, encryption and data science. Before Speckle, I was developing Modelur plugin on Rhino and SketchUp with the AgiliCity team. And currently I am ~TRYING~ to finish my master at ITU about geometrical transformations between different solvers like EnergyPlus, OpenFOAM…

About life- we have been living in suburb (Köyceğiz, Muğla) to catch easily fresh air, soil, sea and their fresh products. If you any come here, you are welcome!

Once upon a time I was a tour cyclist in my university years that we travelled almost 9000km through French, Swiss Alps, Adriatic and Mediterranean Costs. Currently I have only time for kayaking at lakes, and daily rides.

That’s it for now :slight_smile:



Hello there!

Carlos here! I recently joined on the Speckle’s Team as the first Product Designer (what a honour!). Although I studied building engineering, I had to advance my career as a graphic and web designer. Because of my prior knowledge, I quickly began to specialize further in this fantastic subject known as User Experience and Product Design up to today.

When I’m not developing new user interfaces or enhancing the user experience, I enjoy going outside to engage in sports like hiking, bicycling, climbing, and other activities. Additionally, I make some 3D art and attempt to play the guitar. My cat and dog listen to all of my problems without passing judgment.

And now… let’s rock and roll! :metal:


Hey all

I’m Jason. I work as a developer for a large engineering company in Australia focussing on scaling automation tools for the business.

I also have a background in civil engineering, specifically road design and have a lot of experience with the Autodesk APIs (AutoCAD and Civil 3d) but I am just getting started with Speckle and I am looking forward to see where it all ends up.




My name is Elsa-Maria and I’m working as a BIM Specialist at constuction engineering and consulting company in Northern Finland.

I started to learn visual coding with Dynamo and Grasshopper to enrich BIM models and tryed to change some (boring and slow :grimacing:) methods in construction company where I was working at the time.

I would love to spend my days learnig to code but BIM coordination is my main job. I also make book illustrations and other art works when I have some extra time.


Hey Community!

My name is Pavol and I’ve recently joined Speckle as a Senior Product Manager :tada:

Deep in my heart, I’m an architect and I worked in the field for quite some time. I’ve always had a thing for 3D and computation which (surprise, surprise!) got me to computational design. I dived into Grasshopper, picked up Python and when I was at Populous,
I had a chance to work on envelopes for Olympic and Tottenham stadiums in London. Then I pivoted to product design and product management and I helped to develop 3D cloud applications in 3D Repo and ShapeDiver.

I’m based in lovely Vienna :coffee: In my play time, I like to cook something veggie either following a recipe or just my taste buds. Vegan adaptations of classic grandma dishes is great fun too. I also like to make music (or just noise) :metal:

See you around :slightly_smiling_face:


Good afternoon all!

It’s been a while I kept an eye on Speckle adventures but it’s now time I introduce myself. I’m Frédéric, currently located in Rennes, which is a lovely city in western France and keen to know and experience more about Speckle.

Day-to-day, I’m the manager of a structural and envelope engineering firm working with low-carbon, natural materials such as raw earth or straw with an inch of consulting and teaching here and there.

On the side, I’m the president for an non-profit organisation that shelters and welcomes people from all walks of life, and then giving them the opportunity to breathe and rebuild their life on sound foundations while contributing to the ecological transition. We manufacture earth-based construction materials and are currently working on a reclaimed construction materials shop.

Looking forward to contributing to the best of my abilities!


Hey there,
Aleksandr is here. I live in Copenhagen and work in an architectural/design startup called Stykka where we decided to use speckle for our framework. I used be in MedTech industry before, so slowly starting to wrap my head around BIM and CAD.
What else to say… I have a background in Computer Science and love mountains
Happy do be a part for the community :slight_smile: