ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY Not Being Sent to Speckle

This is the error that I get when I try to send a CAD file from HydraCAD through Speckle using AutoCAD or Civil 3D:


Zero objects converted successfully. Send stopped.

Is Speckle able to convert AutoCAD Proxy Entities?

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Judging from the error message, they’re not! Adding to the backlog & thanks for reporting as usual.

Hey @bcall !

Generally, we don’t encourage trying to send objects from AutoCAD that weren’t natively authored in AutoCAD, just because there is limited control and access on our end to ensure the quality of imported geometry.

We’re going to continue focusing on improving our support for native objects before digging in to things like proxy entities, so it may actually be quite awhile before we look into this!

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Hi Claire,

Thank you for your quick response. What is the plan for other CAD authoring software like HydraCAD being integrated to Speckle? We have a lot of fire sprinkler subs that use these programs and it would be nice to be able to have the option to send their geometry to Speckle.

Hi @bcall! As a team, we’re quite small and a bit swamped right now, hence usually our response is quite defensive in expanding in new directions. We do want to connect as many dots as possible in your workflows though!

We did run a community poll recently on new connectors: Help us decide which connectors to develop next! 🔌

What usually helps us massively in supporting your use case would be (1) sample files, (2) access to HydraCAD Software (it’s usually quite cumbersome to get our hands on it, so if you have any contacts in their team, do put us in touch!) and, most importantly, (3) a quick call with you to understand the use case more and see if we can legitimately support it properly!

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That is good to know. I think being able to push Navisworks files would solve the issue at hand, because I could just load the file into Navisworks and then push it into Speckle without much of a time delay


An update on sending proxy entities: I just merged a new conversion method that sends proxy entities from Autocad as a Base with a bounding box and some properties. However, we can’t retrieve the actual rendered mesh of the proxy entities currently, so when sent these will not have any displayable geometry in our viewer (and won’t be receivable except in grasshopper/dynamo).

We may add direct conversions for ObjectARX entities like walls and pipes for Civil3d at some point, you can follow along the issue here: