A requirement for model selection

When I browsed the model, I realized that it didn’t have the box selecting functionality that other model browsers have, such as ACCA’s usBIM platform. If I want to batch select a large number of models instead of holding down the ‘ctrl’ key and clicking on the building blocks one by one, I need a function similar to that implemented in ‘SelectionBox’ in threejs, where I can select the building blocks with my mouse box, but there is no such functionality exposed in ‘@speckle/ivewer’, so how can I implement this functionality on my own by box selecting the objects?

have a great day!

@zm1072223921 This is one of the example extensions that we have included in the documentation: Box Selection | Speckle Docs

Version 2 of the viewer API now has allows for extensions to be built, using the core functionalities and allowing others to be added.