A Plug-in of Autodesk Forma in Rhino and Speckle


I have problem to load the plug-in of Autodesk Forma in Rhino.
The plug-in has a conflict with speckle for Rhino and GH.

When I start Rhino with speckle, Rhino shows Plug-in Error which is connected to the Forma as below image.

Without Speckle, the plug-in for the Forma loads correctly.
After Rhino is on with the Forma, the Speckle for Rhino and GH can be installed again.
But if I turn off and on Rhino again, the same error appears.

This error might not be a problem of speckle, but it would be great if the speckle team can check about it.
I will also request this issue to the Forma.


Thanks for the report @SungBok_Song and welcome back.

Presumably, the same is true if you uninstall Forma plugin, Speckle and Rhino works fine?

We’ll take a look - I’m not sure anyone in the team is testing Forma, but we know the Forma team is looking at Speckle, so perhaps you could raise it with them also?

This seems like a case of DLL conflict, unfortunately, it’s not something simple to solve on either side :frowning: