3D Visual not visualizing model

Hi there
Thank you for creating the Speckle PBI connector and all the data streams behind
I’m a BIM manager at Kiewit and would like to implement this on my projects. I did follow all the steps but when I added the data to the PBI speckle visualization card, the model was not loaded. Would you please help me with this? The connector works and the data is loaded as Query 1 in PBI.
Can’t we still us private projects? Does this system work with model on ACC (bim360) ?

It is important that your Project access is set to “Link Shared”

The Data Connector can use your authentication to access private projects, but the visual doesn’t support this yet.

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@jonathon Thank you. Yeah, I did it. I was wondering if the visual can support this

Hey @Amir_Moeini ,

Can you share the Speckle Model URL with us? I’d like to try to reproduce your issue.

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I guess you added this after I replied.

Short answer: Not Yet. We are exploring ways that the PowerBI viewer, also separate from powerBI, our embeddable model viewer, might be able to show Private models. Still, I don’t have a timeline for when that will be available.

“Link shared” models are not Public per se, they are hidden behind an obfuscated URL; the only difference is whether someone needs a Speckle Account and to have been invited to view (Private) this isn’t a minor difference of course.

Our connector can use data in any Speckle server, one of ours or anyone else. It doesn’t hook into ACC.

We don’t yet have a connector for ACC, though we have recently seen interesting developments in the community and hackathons exploring this. I believe it is still encumbered by the costs associated with that cloud product, but perhaps some of the Specklers who have hacked against it could weigh in.


Hi gokermu, Hi Jonathon, and all the Speckle team,
Thanks for your great job guys.

I have streamed a NWD file into Speckle and created a PBI file out of it. I’m facing an issue with model navigation in Speckle and therefore in PBI as well. I’m unable to properly navigate/rotate the model I have shared the Speckle Model URL below. Would you please help me with this? I have attached the PBI as well

Also, I noticed that Speckle is struggling when large models are load, Is it something true or I’m mistaken?
sample fed model_speckle.pbix (3.5 MB)


I don´t understand, Private project?
I have the same mistake, i can´t see the 3D on powerbi, please explain me

on the web I can see, but when link on power bi, I can´t see

Have you tried the solution mentioned in this tutorial:

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