3D Viewer Camera Target


When navigating the model in the 3D online speckle viewer, is it possible to click on an object and select it as camera target?

Additionally, is there a way to change the size of the section box?


Hey @KatherineC ,

You can double-click on an element and it will be set as the camera center. Is this what you are looking for?

Hi @KatherineC

You can change the size of the section box by clicking on the faces of the section box then dragging them to make the box larger/smaller


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Hello. I sent Rhino views to speckle. I can see receive them as views in Revit. what I want is to view these views in the speckle viewer. Can that be done?

Hi @Camelworks

If you are referring to 3D camera views, canonical or custom are accessible from the speckle app as shown in the image below


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Thanks! I can see them now. Not working yet but that might be me. Cheers.

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