3D pdf from speckle stream?

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Maybe a bit of a dinosaur feature but still relevant on some, if not most, of our projects we are currently running
In order to support adoption of the platform through organisations, it will serve a great deal to support creation of 3d pdf from a speckle stream or collection of a speckle stream.

It would be best to integrate this along with a free stream collection federator which allows you to set up coordination workflows. This can serve as a baseline delivery of 3d models where people can see the different properties off-line and also access some of the model information dynamically. Of course it is best served to export active ‘scope boxes’ to prevent blowing up file sizes.

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Hi Dick! Good seeing you earlier :slight_smile:
I’m intrigued by this suggestion, how are 3D pdf used in your office?
Wouldn’t a link to a Speckle stream be a better and more powerful substitute?

Hi @teocomi

For dynamic insight in models (when the viewer is more user-friendly) I totally agree.
However within the entire infrastructure we continuously struggle with the requirement to deliver plans and baselines. A lot of people who decide directions of the project are still document minded… Since everyone is ‘able’ to use a .pdf file, this would be a great step into easing people in digital transitions. Also with communication to third-parties and people who are document minded, this would make our lives much easier. Nowadays (sub)-contractors still get sent .pdf’s as we are sure they can open these formats, and also as it describes scope. As you may know though… Creating plans takes a painful amount of time, and feels like a waste of the entire BIM model.

Anyway, right now, I struggle a lot in creating plans of my model with an interactive 3D view as Autodesk simply does not support it in (most of) their software.

So I am playing with the idea to be able to create plans directly from Speckle streams. This was triggered to this idea by a chrome app that can create 2d views from cut-planes in Speckle on scale.

Going a bit further on this idea:
It would be a great opportunity to have ‘saved viewpoints’ added to the stream, where we can actually check measurements and annotate views with automated tags (e.g. Arc-GIS does this as well: Create labels (Map Viewer Classic)—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation) from which you can also create the required information for people to use in verification and validation phase of the design.

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Thanks, totally makes sense, especially this part:

This will be part of an issue management feature we’re planning to start working on in the next months!


Very cool!
In trend of interoperability to other softwares, it may be beneficial to be BCF Compatible: BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) - buildingSMART Technical


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