2.0 3D Web Viewer

have you checked out the new funky fresh 3D web viewer? still early days, but you’ve got materials, you’ve got sections, you’ve got buttery smooth 360deg swivels woohoo :tornado::sparkles:

here’s gif is from our still-under-construction docs website at speckle.guide

and a bonus gif in dark mode:

((we’re this much :pinching_hand: closer to my secret dream of a speckle indie game))

@dimitrie has been very hard at work on this as you can see in this very recent pic of him. feel free to test it out and leave some feedback below!


Hey @izzylys actually designed that race car! :racing_car:


alongside the rest of the edinburgh university formula student AI team! this was going to be the 2020 entrant for autonomous EV (accumulator and powertrain omitted from the model) :robot: