Work in progress - modelling rules visualiser

This is probably very pedestrian from a tech point of view, but I thought the community might like to see a Power BI dashboard I am working on to check modelling quality. I know we all model perfectly (I know we don’t), but finding the mistakes is really hard in big models so I’m trying visualise objects from Revit that don’t meet certain conditions that can be established from the geometry or attributes.


Hey Robert,

This looks very cool!
When (or if) you are finished, are you willing to have a call on your approach? Very interested to learn!

Image one highlights doors that have dimensions that aren’t rounded to nearest 10mm (red), doors that pass the rule are green.
Image two uses the filtering to list just the problem doors.
Image three shows walls not modelled on the floor level they are associated, by interrogating their base offset.

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Thank you and yes of course. I’m using it for checking as built, scan to BIM, but I suspect its applicable to the design process equally.