Window and door elements ArchiCAD to Excel

I am experimenting a bit with the connector in Excel to extract quantities from ArchiCAD. For this, I set up a very simple model with some walls, windows and doors, slabs and columns.

I have sent those elements to Speckle and want to display various data of these elements in Excel. I get the elements for the walls, slabs and columns fine only the elements of the windows and doors I can’t see in the Excel connector.

Personally, I think it is because the windows and doors are linked to the walls and therefore they are not send separately. Is there a solution for that or should I just send the windows and doors to Speckle separately from the walls.

Hey @Arniek,

You are correct, the nested window and door elements are only referenced (linked) using their IDs. When you export, you export the reference ID and not the actual linked object itself. You will have to export the data for the doors and windows separately.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Hi @Nikos,

Thanks for answering my question and confirming my suspicion.

I also have a question about how to export the data of a self-created property group in Archicad to Excel.

At the moment, I am unable to export self-created property groups from Archicad to Excel via Speckle. While some standard property groups in Archicad do get exported. It should be noted that not all values of those property groups are included either.

I myself am also not quite familiar with how the property manager works in Archicad. So maybe someone else knows what the problem could be and how it could be done?

Hey @Arniek ,

When you get into the Send dialog, there is an Advanced Settings option. I believe enabling Send Properties and Send Listing Parameters options should send custom created parameters too.


FYI, you can utilize Power Query in Power BI to better interact with your Speckle data. Our OOTB Excel connector doesn’t provide all the tools PQ does. Once you get what you want in Power Query, you can export or link it to Excel.

Thanks @gokermu,

That was the problem, I thought I had checked those settings, but apparently not :sweat_smile:.
And thanks for the tip regarding Power BI, although I’m not that familiar with Power BI, I might take a look at that.


We have plenty of resources how to interact with Speckle data in Power Query. I’d recommend checking it out in case Excel connector doesn’t meet your needs.

Power BI📊 - YouTube

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