Why speckle is missing from Tekla after installation

Hi everyone, we have a problem with tekla connector installation. Installation was successful, but we can’t find the tekla connector in the application tabs. We tried it on different PC and tekla versions but no result.
Do You have any idea what could be the problem?

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Hi @Svetlana_Vasilenko !

welcome to the speckle community ! quick question on where your tekla structures is installed ?

It has to do with permission rites and the default installation of Tekla.

Thanks for testing !


Thank You Reynold for the quick response!
Now it works, we reinstalled tekla to the default path, but this isn’t solution for us. Is it possible to install a speckle for tekla installed in a different path drive?

Yes we are working on it :slight_smile: stay tuned

Speckle, by default, installs it plugin to C:\TeklaStructures, whereas your Tekla installation may be in C:\Program Files\Tekla Structures.

Follow the folder structure and copy Speckle folder from plugins to where you have plugins in actual Tekla path, when you run Tekla app next time, it will pickup Speckle.

@Reynold_Chan - Does Speckle read installation paths from registry?