Why create sheets using speckle?

Whats the point of doing this using speckle? When you can already do it directly in Dynamo?
I have just begun to dive in to speckel, so the question probably just emerged from my lack of knowlegde.

Might be relevant with a link also:

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Speckle’s goal is to improve collaboration in AEC teams and enable new workflows between project partners. An information manager on client side can create and maintain list of deliverables in Excel and to share it with design team, they can use Speckle Connectors.

Another example is Parameter Updater also aimed for collaboration between Revit and Excel users. For example, an architect share schedules with cost planer who can update price and feed back to Revit model. Yes, you can do lot of things in Dynamo on your own but once you have more stakeholders with varying skills, favourite tools and licences, Speckle comes handy.

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