Why are my models so dark?

For some reason, now whenever I push a commit they end up unusably dark in web view.

This is happening regardless the stream or branch I push to. Also doesn’t matter if I only push selected elements or the whole model.

Does anyone know why this might be happening? The first couple I did were fine, but recently I cannot replicate the brightness of the first ones. My main use for Speckle is as a web viewer and currently it is completely unusable for that.


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Hi @Travis_Walters ,

That is definitely unexpected. Can you share the problematic Rhino models with us? You can send a PM if you don’t want to post it here.

Btw feel free to introduce yourself if you feel like it :grin: .

Well I feel silly - it was just the layer color being on default (black) in Rhino. I now simply change the output layers to white or tan before I push and it’s perfect. Thanks for checking in.


Hey @Travis_Walters ,

No problem at all! Welcome to the "Whoopsie Doozie Club":wink:.