When will the Archicad add-on come off Alpha?

When will the Archicad connector come off Alpha? I need to be able to communicate with other software. I use BIM as a disability aid as I completed my Architecture degree with the use if BIM to alleviate the inabilty to write and draw as much as others and still use BIM as such. I have been using Archicad 1.0 in 1985 since my dad brought it home to me aged 12 as he knew I wanted to be an architect. It is too much to take on to learn Revit at the moment so it would be greatly appreciated if some additional resources could be placed into the development of the Archicad add-on. I am grateful to be able to still be able to practice Architecture and any assistance in doing this through these sorts of open-source projects is most gratefully received.


Hi Sebastian!

As the Archicad community, we need to make more noise here in the forum! I give you a +1!
I am looking forward to the further development of the AC connector, and I’ll be happy to contribute as much as possible (unfortunately not in the coding part) to help speed up the process!

Cheers everyone!

Thanks for the thumbs up Jorge! I am almost finished my python course so I might be able to contribute in the coming months if work schedule permits.

Hey Sebastian, thanks for the encouragement!

We’re proceeding as fast as we can with the resources available :slight_smile: , the “alpha” label is there just to indicate it’s in a high development state and a few things might break from time to time, but it’s been very stable in the last months.
It would be extremely useful for us if you could give it a try and let us know what features are missing or any bugs you might find.

We’re specifically keen to understand what workflows this connector is enabling for you and how it could deliver even more value.

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Sure. I would be happy to. I often feel like when designing I am walking through concrete and my mind is not just captured by my body but then on top of that the software. My mind often races in the wind and my body is electric with creativity. It sometimes becomes quite uncomfortable and sometimes mentally painful not being able to get ideas out. It is the sense of being trapped by multiple layers of redundant processes.

I want to be able to let my mind run free . . . . . . .


Hey @Sebastian_Monroe @j.beneitez ,

Better late than never. Archicad connector is finally out of alpha. You can see the details here:

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Fantastic! Thanks for the shoutout, I have installed and tried it already. I’m happy to chat anytime to help with feedback and the next priorities.