What to do with "Commit Object ID" in PowerBI visual (alpha7)

Hi All,
Thanks, @AlanRynne for the new release.

I downloaded the new release of the Power BI visual but I couldn’t able to view my model in Power BI.

  • Can someone explain to me what is “Commit Object ID”? I think this comes up with the new releases.

  • Which connection option are you using for “Getting Data” from Speckle? (There are two options please see below)

Thanks in advance.

:sweat_smile: This one is still in testing and we haven’t updated our docs yet!

Feel free to give it a try too and let us know if anything goes wrong.

What you’re missing is that you also need to update your PowerBi data connector to the latest version (also released today), which now includes the Commit Object ID column in the result of Get stream By Url)

Hi Alan,

Do we need the “.mez” file for the new connector release:

Yep, that’s the one :wink: The others are just the source code that is attached automatically by GitHub

0.0.16-alpha Pre-release doesn’t have a “.mez” file.

I used 0.0.15, but still don’t have the “Commit Object ID”. Am I doing right?

Sorry, I didn’t notice 0.0.16-alpha had no .mez file. Check again and download that one instead