What kind of data/data formats can the QGIS Speckle connector receive from QGIS?

I’m trying to receive data from a plugin in QGIS and stream it Speckle. Originally it was in WMS format but I quickly realised that this is not the right format at all, and I figured that WFS (Web Feature Service) was the more appropriate format for this kind of thing. But Speckle doesn’t accept this either. What data formats can it receive from QGIS? WMTS? Screenshot of one of the error messages attached.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 235745

Hi @ps3hubbards ! Speckle does not support sending data from web providers atm for many reasons (main being the possibly gigantic size of the entire layer that the user might not be immediately aware of, and might not even need). Best option for your case is to save a subset of features into a locally stored file (shapefile/geojson, geodatabase, temporary layer etc.) and send it to Speckle :raised_hands: