What is the speckle upload data size limit for a stream?

Hi Speckle team,
I have a question , What is the speckle upload data size limit for a stream ?
What problem if I try keep a data of file json have size larger 200mb or 500mb in one stream ?
How many maximum deep tree we can do ? 13 or 16 or 22 or anything ?
Any reply appreciate!

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Hi @chuongmep, there are no real hard limits to stream size or tree depth. There are limits on the object size though, and these can be controlled by the server you are using. For example, on our production server, we limit an object to 20mb.

Ideally, when you send data to speckle, you ensure through the object model that it is properly detached into atomic pieces by using the [Detach] flag on strongly typed props or the “@” prefix to a dynamic prop base["@test"] .

See more:

Hope this helps. Let us know more if you’ve stumbled on these limits, we can help you resolve them!


Hi @dimitrie, many thanks for your reply to help me clearly.
I just want to confirm to understand some logic behind, thank you.