What is the dimension of the virtual space that speckle imagine?

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  • Objective: I would like to add different IFC files in one stream and create one viewer containing all of them.
  • Issue: How far the location of the IFC files could be modeled from each other? maybe there is a fixed space like 100 m100m100m cube that if the models are locating with more than this distance, speckle can not show them together.

Hi @ghazaleh.eslami,

To my knowledge, there isn’t a limit to the number of objects you can have. However, you may encounter clipping plane issues for objects that are too close or too far away. This doesn’t mean that the objects are not there, but rather that you may need to adjust the FOV of the camera. You can do this by changing the projection to parallel or by modifying the center element.

Perhaps you can try and let us know if you experience any issues.