We're growing our team!

There’s been a lot going on in the Speckleverse the past few weeks! From our successful seed round, community stand-ups, and virtual hackathons, to growing our distributed team globally & all things open source in between - it’s been a lot of fun, to say the least!

At Speckle, we are delighted to see our team scale, as we continue to enable anyone working in 3D to evolve digitally in a cloud-based environment. We streamline interoperability, collaboration, and automation with open-source technology.

We care a lot about our community members and contributors who add to Speckle, as well as those who use Speckle in their day-to-day! We’re super excited to share some new openings on our team: Careers - Speckle - The Platform For 3D Data

Interested in one of our openings ? Reach out to careers@speckle.systems .
Want to join our awesome community , check it out here :v:.
For developers , who just want our code head over to our GitHub repos, and don’t forget to leave us some stars :star: