Websocket-disconnected / Websocket client not connected

Hi all,

We have our own speckle server deployed and it’s running. We can acces it, see our steams, create projects etc.
Every things seem fine, but we’re experiencing that Rhino, Grasshopper and Dynamo Senders and Receivers throws websocket warnings at us.

Dynamo Receive & Send
Dynamo fails on sending and receiving Streams.

Grasshopper Receive & Send
Grasshopper gets all Projects and Streams, but fails on sending and receiving.

Speckle UI
The Speckle UI recieves the Streams and they can be viewed.


Server setup
We’ve had IT department looking into this and made them aware of the server block that @dimitrie posted here: https://speckle.community/t/get-a-dockers-url/183/6. This didn’t solve it.
We have a reverse proxy setup and the websockets are now enabled for this.

Revit 2019.2 and Dynamo 2.3
Rhino 6
Speckle Clients

Quick question before we delve into dirty server deployment laundry: do you get the same behaviour with Hestia?

No, the Hestia server works perfectly.
I suspect it’s our setup, but it’s hard for me to troubleshoot this since I know very little about the server setup.
Sorry for me / us being very novice in all this.

Rhino Geo Sent

Server UI Received

Dynamo Received

Grasshopper Received

Hi @martinromby -

I just got done banging my head on the wall about this issue for several days. Where is your server hosted? Ours is on AWS, and the issue for us ended up being the SSL security policy for the load balancer in front of our server.

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