Web viewer - controls and information

If I recall correctly, months ago the viewer contained a button that would pop up a window which showed the navigation controls for the web viewer. Is there a reason this is removed?

Would it be helpful (for new users) to see what the controls are and the possibilities of the viewer?
I only recently noticed that it is possible to change the size of the section box by clicking on a face of the section box and then drag it. It’s a very useful feature! I think it would help (new) users if the controls and features like these are easily accessible from within the viewer.

I got feedback from a user that they would expect something like what you can see in the BIM360 viewer:

Just an idea, nothing super urgent, but I thought it would be good to share.


Agree, there are some controls that are not obvious, like the double click to zoom an object :grin:


@JdB, as you know already, sometimes someone needs to point out the obvious to us - so thanks! Logged and tracked here: Viewer/Frontend: Add Navigation Pop up Help · Issue #822 · specklesystems/speckle-server · GitHub


Added a very simple help menu. We’ll improve it in the future, but until then I hope this will alleviate the problem a bit!

PS: Includes some hot tips on the zoom to object parts :sunglasses: And, ofc, you can try out live in the embed below: