Virtual/Augmented Reality

I am currently trying to explore methods that could be used to visualize a model that is on a speckle server in VR.

I have looked around this forum a bit and found people mentioning that they are working on unity/unreal based viewers in private, but not many details.

I have also tried to do a quick&dirty patch of the speckle server threejs based webviewer to switch it to VR mode (since threejs already supports WebXR), but I didn’t get it to actually render something when in VR mode. But I haven’t spent much time on it yet and I assume bigger projects would just be too much to handle for e.g. a standalone VR device like a Quest 2 or Pico 4 (though I have read about the ifcjs project working on a method to only stream parts of a model to a mobile device).

So I thought before I start reinventing the wheel I would ask what the current state of this topic is and what experiments people have done so far/what experiences they had and what ideas are floating around out there.

Hey @mp42 have you looked at our Unity & Unreal connectors?

@Jedd demoed how they can be used to create VR experiences not too long ago, see the video below:

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Thank you for the video clip. That looks promising.
I have seen the connectors but thought maybe somebody has already shared a public demo project :wink:
I will play around with the Unity connector and see how far I can get.

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