Views transferred from Revit to Rhino are Mirrored across X and Y

This might just be the project that I’m dealing with, but all 3D views that I transferred from Revit into Rhino are “wrong” But when the camera is mirrored across X and Y it shows up correctly.

Correction, Mirroring makes it better, but not a complete match.

Hi Roi! Would it be possible to send me the file you are working with so I can test out the views? View interop definitely won’t be perfect between Revit and Rhino due to some inaccessible props like lens length in the Revit API, but the mirroring issue may just be a case we haven’t addressed yet

Sadly not this project, it’s very heavily NDA’d. I’ll try to see if I can create a version that doesn’t contain any private geometry/data.

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I tried just using the Basic Sample Project in Revit, in that there’s some sort of angle issue related to Project North vs True North:

It seems like the 3D views are sent over as Project North while the Project geometry gets sent over as True North.


Ah good spot - will handle this issue on our next sprint!

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Thanks for checking Roi! Can you also confirm that your initial project uses a custom Project Base Point or Project North?

The initial project has a custom project base point, but Project north = True North


The coordinate system is a local coordinate system for the country.


Just a quick update that we found the root issue, this actually helped improve our project base point handling! If you’re curious about the details, Revit API’s XYZ class can represent a point or a vector, and transformations relative to the project base point are different between the two - that’s why the views were coming in with the correct camera position but not the correct orientation in projects with a custom base point.

This fix should be packaged with our next release, thanks for the helpful reporting :mag_right: