Viewer on iPad Rotates Too FAST! Can it Be Slowed Down?

We have uploaded a model to the viewer showing a site plan. When we try to view it on an iPad, the feedback we are getting is that the viewer moves too fast/ that the model is too sensitive. Is there a way to slow down the viewer speed?

Hi @bcall

Thanks for the feedback!
We’ll be sure to check it out. Can you please give us the iPad model, OS version, and browser version you are having the issue on?


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iPad Pro 2nd generation, iOS 16.2, and Safari. I can’t seem to find the version. We cropped the map from about 10 city blocks by 10 city blocks to 3 blocks by 4 and that seemed to help the speed issue some. Is the rotation speed based on the overall size of the model?

I just tested on an ipad (older model), and I’m not sure i can reproduce this. Can you share with me the model that’s causing this?

If you can do a screen recording that demonstrates the problem, that would help immensely too!

Here is the link to our model:

Let me work on that screen recording. Thanks Dimitrie!