UVs from Grasshopper to Blender

From SpeckleBlender on Github (GitHub - specklesystems/speckle-blender)

“SpeckleBlender will look for a texture_coordinates property and use that to create a UV layer for the imported object. These texture coordinates are a space-separated list of floats ([u v u v u v etc...] ) that is encoded as a base64 blob.”

Q1. Should these values be per vertex?

Q2. Is there an example that could be shared showing this process?

It seems blender stores uv’s in things called loops. From a quick explore they are comparable to an edge in a half-edge mesh structure. As I understand it this allows the same vertex to correspond to a different uv depending on which adjoining face is being textured.

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Hey Harri!

Thanks for checking out the connecter :blush:

Unfortunately I am not super familiar with this part - this was part of @TomSvilans’s magic! Given him a ping so hopefully he can give a bit of insight on this part? :eyes:

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