Using Speckle/Dynamo to 'downgrade' a Revit file to an earlier version

I have a Revit project that was started in 2024, but needs to go back to Revit 2022. Since Revit isn’t backwards compatible, I was wondering if it is possible to send the 2024 to Speckle, then receive the speckle geometry in Dynamo and build the elements in Revit 2022. Has anyone tried this yet? Or think it should be possible?

I’ve already looked into this method without using Dynamo. We can simply receive the data directly into Revit, but the families won’t follow (And the annotations of course). You still need to have families in Revit 2022 to properly rebuild the model. You just need to fill in the MAP TYPES tab.

What was your idea behind Dynamo more specifically? The geometry is already stored in Speckle.

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