Using Rhino Inside Revit with Speckle

Hi all,

Need help with the following:

I am using Rhino Inside of Revit and Grasshopper and I am trying to create a speckle object out of the RiR component that I am creating so that I can send it to a stream.

I get the error: “Solution Exception: One or more errors occured” without any additional info.

I have attached a screen shot of the GH script and error.

Any advice would help!


Hey @Ray_Harli ,

I think that’s expected as Grasshopper doesn’t know what a Revit topography is. @AlanRynne is this the case?

Hi @Ray_Harli!

That error is quite unhelpful indeed… :man_bowing:t3: I’ll open a ticket to make this clearer.

As for your issue, Bilal is correct. Our Grasshopper converter knows nothing about “RiR Topography objects” nor “Revit Topography objects”, meaning that it won’t know how to convert them to Speckle.

This is “by design”, but we’d love to know more about your use-case to try and understand the needs behind this, though I can’t make any promises on when/if this would happen at this point.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :man_bowing:t3: