Using Blender -> Sketchup Workflow to bypass texture resolution limits?

I’ve always been frustrated with Sketchup’s limitations with regards to texture resolutions. I was hoping to use Blender to get the high resolution PNG versions of logistics PDFs into Sketchup via Speckle, but I’m not sure if textures are supported with this workflow since my experiments have not had any texture/materials persist.

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Textures are not supported (yet). Its been on our roadmap and we’ll get implemented eventually.

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As @gokermu as mentiond, we don’t currently support textures.

But out of curiousity, what sort of limitations are you running into with Sketchup?

I’m not super familiar with sketchups texture limitation, @oguzhankoral may know more.
But according to this post on sketchup forums, people are having no problems using textures that exceed the old 1024x1024px size limit. Unsure if this is the limitation you are refering to.