Uploading Large Geometries

Hey everyone,

so far, I seem to encounter some troubles when trying to upload relatively large geometries (only 10 MB though in this case). for small geometries it works fine, so i figured it would solve the problem to add a upload chunking functionality. however, this did not change anything. Is there any kind of built in functionality in speckle to deal with many mesh objects/large geometries? this is my upload method:


Any help would be really appreciated! :wink:

def upload():
    stream_id = speckle_id
    url = "https://{}/api/streams/{}".format(
        os.environ["SERVER"], stream_id)

    mesh_obj_array = parse_vtk_vertices()

    payload = {
        "objects": mesh_obj_array
    with open("tempMeshObjFile", "w") as tempMeshObjFile:
        print(json.dumps(payload), file=tempMeshObjFile)

    it = ChunkUpload("tempMeshObjFile", 1000)
    r = requests.put(url, data=IterableToFileAdapter(it), headers=headers)
    return r.status_code

Here is my code snippet :wink:

Sorry for replying… 10 days later. Is the mesh itself bigger than 10mb, or is it more meshes that add up to 10mb?