Updating Speckle Core causes a crash on receiving

Hello Community,
As some of you know, I am developing the Speckle Connector for TopSolid.
However, I have not been updating the Nugget packages for longtime (my bad). Now I updated the Speckle Core and it seems it created some conflict that causes a fatal crash on TopSolid when I try to receive a stream.
I went through other community posts and it seems a similar problem occurred earlier for other connectors and were solved.
Could you please provide me with some hints on what to check to identify what is this issue and how to solve it?
Thank you in advance :raised_hands:t3:

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hey Ahmed!

the biggest change that is likely affecting you is null serialisation. we somewhat recently flipped the switch so nulls are now serialised on send. this means that new commits will have nulls on receive which is likely what’s causing problems if you’re not expecting or handling this case. if possible, it would be helpful to wrap the receive op in a try catch so we can see what the actual exception is. happy to debug this further if it’s not as simple as the nulls!

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What izzer said, and possibly the easiest way to debug this is to:

  • remove the NuGet reference
  • add a direct reference to the Speckle.Core project
  • debug your connector & nail down the bug!
  • revert back to the NuGet
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Okkk I see, thank you for the hints. With @Tamu we are looking at this.
However, we have another question: is it the right moment to already migrate to the new UI 2? Because we will have to update the code anyways and we were thinking maybe it is better to do it just once?
If yes, would it be possible to have a call to get a little help with this?

Hey @ahmedwael94 , just saw this! Yes sure thing, maybe next week?

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Hi! There is a posibility to connect Topsolid furniture to Revit? with and make new paramethers to that form?