Updates on Structural Classes

Hello - Are the Structural Classes components being updated for ETABS v20/v21? What’s the plan/timeline for these updates in response to the release of new versions of ETABS? Also, will there be an update to Reynold’s tutorial/video with the revised object names (“Expand Speckle Object” now seems to be “Deconstruct Speckle Object”?) and developments (creating loads etc.)?

Hey @aghga, welcome to the forum, feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok:!

Our object model and structural classes don’t need to change with new versions of ETABS, unless in rare cases - what are you trying to do exactly?

We’re planning to focus a bit more on our structural connectors soon, so expect new content and tutorials soon!


Thanks @teocomi, I wanted to understand whether the objects are supported only by certain versions of ETABS or all as the tutorial refers to “supported versions of Rhino (6 or 7) and ETABS (v18 or v19)”. I will follow up here if we encounter any version-related issues.

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