Update the same stream in sketchup

Hi, I am trying to bring 3d data from Revit to sketchup. Once the stream is received and loaded in sketchup, I could not reload any update from the stream. I wonder if there is an extra step in the configuration or, I do need to create a new stream for any update in Revit. thanks.

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You do not need to create a new stream for any updates in Revit, but you need to click “send” every time there are changes, and then in SketchUp, you also need to click “receive” whenever you’re ready to pull them. Is this how you were using the connectors?

If you’re already doing so, maybe you could share a video or gif of your process so we can better understand what’s happening?

Hi @teocomi, thanks for your reply. I will try to make a gif. I did as exacly you explained. when I hit send, I receive the change in the stream and I can verify that in the web viewer but when I hit receive in Sketchup, nothing change from the original load. I noticed when I delete the component that changed in sketchup, and then hit receive, I get a new component with the change. I was expecting that speckle replaced the component in SKP with the update from RVT. I was working with Sketchup 2021 and Revit 2023.

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Thanks @David_Avella, that gif will come in handy. Our sketchup mastermind, @oguzhankoral is on holiday this week, but will be back at the start of the next one and will be able to have a proper look.

It might be a cute little bug in our connector’s Sketchup updating logic!

Hi @David_Avella,

When you update your stream with changed objects, Sketchup should be able to update it after receive. This is what we aim to achieve with 2.13. Your workflow might be edge case here, so having gif will help us a lot to understand if there is a edge case. Regardless, I will try to reproduce it. Looking forward to fix your issue!

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Hi @oguzhankoral, here is the link for the process step by step. Please, let me know if I am missing something. Thanks

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Hi @David_Avella,

So glad your input, this looks like a bug with hosted elements (doors, windows…). I will investigate it, and will be back to you.


Hey @David_Avella ,

Thanks for reporting this. We have included a fix for this in our 2.14 release. Feel free to test it again and let us know if it works for you.

BTW, I see you are testing Revit to Sketchup workflow. As you are probably aware, we’ve made some improvements on how we handle that workflow. Feel free to share any requests/feedback you have on that workflow.

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