Unreal Engine Datasmith

What are your thoughts on Unreal Engine Datasmith workflow? My concern is that the Speckle exchange is taking a different, separate path and it would be difficult to match Datasmith in terms of accepted features of different programs in UE.
I’m using Datasmith locally with Rhino and Revit and it’s working pretty nice, it’s actively developed by the Epic staff which I consider as “native” support.

Is there a strategy to use Speckle and Datasmith together?

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Hi @Czaja,

This is a really good question that we are open to exploring.

We are very grateful for this sort of discussion.

Could you describe for me, some of the features of datasmith would you like to see Speckle-Unreal support?

I’m trying to workout, what the advantages of Speckle-Datasmith intergration would be, and what that intergration would that look like.

The main reasons we originally chose not to use develop Speckle-unreal using datamsith were:

  • Datasmith, until very recently didn’t, support runtime receiving, which we view as quite important. It’s my understanding that this feature of datasmith now exists. (I was actually part of Unreal’s private beta for this earlier this year.)

  • We want the flexibility to allow for custom kit/conversions in the future, and datasmith might make that more difficult.

  • There were also some concerns that, depending how we extend datasmith, we might have issues with making the source code public (Requiring a private fork of Unreal Engine repo).

It’s worth mentioning, the Mobiusnode team did experiment with a Speckle v1 Datasmith plugin proof of concept.