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Hi guys.
Sorry if this is in the wrong category.
We’ve recently made a decision to move towards Unreal for our project (from Unity), and I’ve been looking through quite a bit of stuff from all over. I’d like to inquire about the Speckle development from Unreal.

I’ve tried it out some basic tests and receiving seems to work.
Sending is not implemented. Checking out the “sending-support” branch seems to yield the same. Last commit to the repository seems to be start of the year. Is there future development planned?

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Hi @eugeneida

I would be highly interested in hearing more about your project, and your requirements for the Unreal Engine connector.

The connector is certainly lacking features present in other connectors (e.g. a nice UI, account management, and of course, sending). However, being a dev friendly environment, we like to focus on enabling developers to create the tools they need, (and contribute them back is possible & mutually desirable)

I would be highly interested in getting feedback on what features you, and other users are interested in us working on (and if there’s any room for collaboration)
I do intend on picking it up some UE connector development again over the next month or two to implement some better Revit ⇾ Unreal workflow features relating to family instances.


Hi Jedd,

Thanks for the real quick reply. I was gathering my thoughts.

  1. We opted for speckle in the first place because its not tied to any platform (as opposed to e.g datasmith).
  2. Building on top of that it would be open to other platforms and connectors (if even ever that we would need to write it ourselves)
  3. We’re switching over from Unity, so I am admittedly unfamiliar with Unreal, and C++, very rusty at best. I was hoping to at least get sending/receiving up and maybe we could do our own UI.
  4. I’m not sure how well materials and other stuff translate, but hopefully we can have that as well.
  5. At this point its early in the project, and I think there aren’t a lot of concrete features planned, but we do want to have something resembling the Unity build we did have.
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