Unity WebGL Build?

Hi all!

We are receiving a stream in Unity, using Speckle 2.0, but having issues to build it in WebGL.

Is this functionality implemented already? if not, is it planned to be?

Any help to make it work would be really appreciated!

Hi @Marina, and welcome to the forum! Of course it is. We’ve got a threejs based viewer for our frontend that you can even embed around in iframes. Check this out:

The code is in the speckle server monorepo, but you can just do npm install @speckle/viewer in your web app to start using it directly. See: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@speckle/viewer

Sorry, I now get your question better. I’m not the unity expert unfortunately. @teocomi/@haitheredavid might be able to help!


Hi Marina!

I can confirm that indeed there are some editor errors when changing build to WebGL. The Unity connector has been developed with desktop builds in mind because, as Dim pointed out above, we’ve got plenty of tooling to target web environments using Speckle - and that’s the way to go if you ask us.

I’ve created an issue for this but cannot guarantee it’ll make it in our backlog. I’m not familiar with WebGL builds but they might not be compatible with our .NET SDK and supporting them might be a substantial task! Butplease, feel free to give it a go yourself if you’d like.

Any other questions on the Unity connector please, do ask :slight_smile:

Hi teocomi, thanks for the quick response. We are building a web platforms which combines several types of data, not only “model related data” and that requires various types of interactions, that si why we are using a game engine to build it.

This will be a very common use for us (at Arup) in the near future so it would be really appreciated if it makes it to the backlog! :slight_smile: