Unity geometry coordinates issue

Hi all,

We are currently working with a stream that was sent from Revit and imported into Unity, the geometry placement seems to be off for elements within the web viewer and also on import to Unity.

its a 3rd party model and I have a feeling some of the geometry may have been created outside of Revit and then imported so I’m not sure if that’s what’s causing the issue somehow.

happy to add someone from the Speckle team to the stream if needed.

Hi @nicobrownHL , thanks for the report and welcome to the community!

Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: if you’d like.

Assuming you’re using the latest versions of our connectors that might be indeed a bug related to instances.

Please share the Revit model with @Jedd and me, and we’ll have a look!

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Thanks just added you both as collaborators, I tried a few different upload options for Revit to do with coordinates but it didn’t seem to make much difference. I also uploaded the Revit sample and had the some coordinates issues in Unity which I think has been fixed now with the latest connector update.

We had a meeting with Pavol a few weeks ago about a project we are working on, and I think we are going to set up a meeting with Jedd soon to discuss it in a bit more detail.

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Hi @nicobrownHL

Thanks for the invite to the stream.

Please could you try re-sending your model using our latest Revit connector 2.15.0-rc3 available in the “Versions” tab of Speckle Manager (you may need to enable “Show pre-releases”)

This version contains a fix for several transform related issues.
Please let us know the result.

amazing thanks, fixed all of the issues


We’ve just had some reports from our developers that there are still some of the same geometry issues when receiving the geometry in Unity.

The doors are being received out of location around 50% lower then they should be, while they are fine in the web viewer.

We are building from the main branch of the speckle-unity repo and using the playground example.

Hi @nicobrownHL
If they appear correct in the viewer, Then I suspect there is an issue in the way we convert instances in Unity.

If you could share some streams with us with offending family instances, I’d be happy to investigate.

I’ve just tagged you in message in the stream with one of the objects

We changed the cloned repo branch to 2.15 and it seems to have fixed the issues with placement for anyone who has the same issues

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