Units issue GH / Revit


I’m new with Speckle and I’m trying to input some data points from GH to place a family on each one. However as the GH file has been created using meters and revit file and family is in mm. So the points are so close in the revit file that the family elment overlap.

There is anyway to make it work without having to redo the GH file and change it to meters?

Any help would be higly appreciated.

Hey, unfortunately not as far as I know. I’ll ping @teocomi who’s the dynamo master in these parts.

Okay, to answer before @teocomi will move and reply, afaik you will need to scale the objects in grasshopper beforehand - you don’t need to redo it, just make sure before you plug in the points that you scale them up by the needed factor.

We had a quick chat and we could implement automatic unit conversions, but that’s some extra work it won’t help you resolve your issue now.

Yeah, either scale the points in GH or Dynamo is probably the quickest solution…

Okay thank you! Yeah I have finally scaled the points in dynamo.