Units for ETABs - Grasshopper exchange

Hi there, I have been following the tutorial with the SpaceFrame from Grasshopper to ETABS, but I seem to have come to some issues with the unit settings.

In Grasshopper I have set the scaling to 1, and the units to m. This is the commit: Speckle

When I import into ETABS (and all my units are set to m), the model imports 1000x too large.

Next I set the units in grasshopper to mm and here is my commit: Speckle. When I import this into ETABS with the same unit settings, the model is at the correct scale and size.

Am I doing something wrong with the settings?

Also, I often have this pop up message appearing after a successful import from Speckle. It does not go away and keeps popping up until ETABs is closed or crashes:



Hi Matthew !

Thanks for bringing this up. I have a bit of a unit issue as well with “m” in particular on my side as well. Will make an issue to fix this (will be a quick fix). One thing I do notice in the stream though that was kinda weird and that I need to fix as well is that when sending items from grasshopper, will be assigned from rhino default application. I.e if you started rhino using “m” as opposed to “mm”. It will use that to assign the units to the elements.


I.e in this case you probably built the model using “m”. In addition to building it with “m” , make sure that you’re defining the length property in the model Units to be “m” as well because that’s where ETABS is reading in the units. Albeit I can probably change it to grab it from the units. Which might make more sense but less control in the component ?


P.s (mm works for sure though) and thanks for bringing up the other error, will look into it more cause I have been able to reproduce it as well but it comes up sparingly for me.