Unit Conversion error

This might be a Rhino.Inside or a Speckle bug

I’m using Grasshopper/Rhino Inside in Revit and read some Revit-geometry.
My Rhino-unit is mm

See picture.
When I read the stream in Grasshopper (outside Revit), the numeric description is in mm, while the brep/curve sizes gets multiplied by 1000.

When i Change the Rhino-unit size to m, the numeric and the geometric size correspond.

It’s a tricky one, we’ll need to wait up on @AlanRynne to get to the bottom of this. From what i know from previous discussions, there were some scaling challenges around breps that theoretically got resolved. Alternatively, this might have something to do with how units are handled in Rhino inside, and that might throw Speckle off…

(The same thing happened with curves, so I guess it might be Rhino inside than)
But it does work using meters, so no big issue atm :slight_smile:

There was an issue in our grasshopper connector that didn’t correctly update the units when switching documents, it’s been fixed but it’s not yet been released, so I’d suggest trying again after the next connector update :slight_smile:

By using Rhino.Inside to extract Revit data there is an extra variable that makes it a bit tricky to debug this kind of behaviors, I’m wondering if instead you could maybe use our Dynamo or Revit connectors?

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