Unexpected crash in Rhino

Just recently uninstalled speckle because it crashed/closed Rhino randomly and caused me to loose a lot of work. :sob:
That being said this plugin has a lot of promise and I hope to retry it in the future. Keep up the good work guys! :+1: :grinning:

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Hey @Ryan ,

I’m really sorry to hear that!

Can you give us a bit more context on this crash issue? We want to solve it (obviously). What operating system were you using? What’s the version of your Rhino (6/7/8) and of the connector?

We’re constantly working to fix issues and improve our connectors and your feedback is very valuable to us!

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No worries.
I am using Rhino 7 with an Nvidia graphics card. I think that it had something to do with the fact that I do not always work with internet connection.
What was happening was that I would be working then it would just close. No warning or even a not responding, it would just close. Or maybe it was simply that I do not have enough capacity on my computer to run it. But the model was not slow either just thinking out loud here I guess. Since uninstalling I have not had it crash again. I will let you know if I figure anything else out.
By the way I really appreciate all the work that you all are putting into this project! :smiley: