Unable to view Revit model in Power BI 3D Viewer

I have completed all the steps to send Revit data to Speckle. It worked! I can view the Steam and Branch for the data in Speckle. I loaded the data into Power Bi using the URL. It worked! I loaded the 3D Viewer for Power Bi, it worked! But when I link the three data needs for the Visual I get a blank image. No model… I do not know what I did wrong what is happening…
I am using the latest Revit Connector, the latest .mez for power bi and the latest 3D viewer for power bi. This is using Revit 2024.

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This same happen too me.

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Hey @Andrew_Hong @bgunderson35 ,

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It seems that your 3D Viewer Visual for Power BI is not working because the link sharing setting in your stream is turned off. Please check if your project is set to public as the visual only works with public projects. If it is not set to public, please turn on link sharing and let us know if this resolves the issue.


Does the ‘public’ means that it is accessible to anyone in the internet? Is it discoverable? and any alternative to make it ‘private’?


Hey @bmc ,

If a project is set to “Public,” anyone with the URL can view it. It won’t be discoverable by anyone on Speckle if they don’t have the URL to it.

Although it’s more complicated, we plan to enable the viewing of “Private” streams in the Power BI Visual in the future. It’s trickier than showing public projects.