Unable to Update Materials/Frame Sections in GH to ETABS transfer

I am working on making a workflow from GH to ETABS.

I am unable to update Material and Frame Section attributes. (e.g., changing an attribute of a material in GH will not change the attribute in ETABS) It is only possible to create new Materials or Frame Sections. It seems that new Materials and Frame Sections can only be created if they are assigned to a Property (and the Property is in turn assigned to an Element), and these Elements are created anew in ETABS

Is Material/Frame Section/Property updating available in the latest release? It is entirely possible that I am overlooking a simple step.

I can provide supporting files to demonstrate this problem if need be. I am using the Tutorial file from the GH/ETABS tutorial, found here: Interop - GH:ETABS - Google Drive

I am using ETABS 20.3.0 and GH 1.0.0007

Hi @tgeoghegan

First of all, let me welcome you to the community! Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: to everyone if you want to :slight_smile:

Material update in ETABS is currently not supported by design. This is to to ensure Structural engineers won’t have unwanted changes in their setup (materials, profiles) coming from other applications. When a material is received, we check if a material with the same name is present and if so, we just use that.

Could you tell me more about your workflow? Sections can change after running the analysis in ETABS so I was wondering where you usually manage material and section properties.

Thank you for a swift response, Pavol.

To expand a little bit, I am in the early stages of building a workflow for seismic design of concrete or steel framing. The team expects that our workflow might be beyond the current state of Speckle but we could build on the existing component if it is already mostly working for our purposes.

There will be a lot of information going into and coming out of the seismic structural model, and we want to use GH because it is an easy-to-use and programmable way to manage all that data.
The workflow requires us to import Frame/Wall Hinge Property data. (in ETABS, it can be found under Define > Section Properties > Define Frame/Wall Hinge Properties > Modify Show Property, if you want to look) There is quite a lot of data to manually input for a given hinge property. We would be importing this data from elsewhere, and might have to go through many iterations, hence an automated way of filling out this data is desired. This is just one possible example of imported data going into the model. Being able to modify all other model components (sections, materials, etc) from GH would be desirable.
Thank you for your feedback on what is becoming a daunting but fun challenge.