Unable to send large Civil3D model

We have a dwg file that we aren’t able to send from Civil3D to Speckle. It’s about 60mb and contains 215.000 polylines. When I select a sub set of the elements it is possible to send them so it doesn’t appear to be a local conversion error. The error is: “One or more errors occurred.”

The dwg file can be downloaded here: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

The beginning and end of the log looks as follows. In between the log is only filled with “[date and time] Converted Polyline3d” there are 215000 of those lines in the log. Only one error shows up at the end (it takes about 2 minutes after converting the last line):

18-07-22 12:14:57 Using converter: ConverterAutocadCivil v. . .
18-07-22 12:15:21 Using document: C:\. . .\HKOpen_iB1000_Building.dwg
18-07-22 12:15:21 Using units: m
18-07-22 12:15:21 Converted Polyline3d
18-07-22 12:15:21 Converted Polyline3d
. . .
18-07-22 12:16:07 Converted Polyline3d
18-07-22 12:16:07 Converted Polyline3d
18-07-22 12:18:05 One or more errors occurred.

@JdB Thanks for the file, I’ll take a look and see if I can reproduce!

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Thanks @clrkng! Were you able to reproduce the error?

Ah yes I was able to, and can confirm that all of the polylines are sending correctly - the error occurs during the send operation because the transport load is exceeding our 10mb limit. We’ve increased the limit to 25mb with our recent alpha release, so that may be worth testing!

You could try reducing the commit size by simplifying polylines where possible, otherwise unfortunately you’ll have to send them in smaller batches :sweat_smile:

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