Unable to save attribute table after editing in QGIS

I couldn’t save an attribute table as it displays an error.

I have a table layer on QGIS with bunch of data inside. I opened its attribut table to edit some stuff, but when I try to save after editing, it would display an error saying “OGR error syncing to disk: Cannot rename files” or “Commit errors: Could not commit changes to layer”.

I downloaded the OSGeo4W installer and installed the 3.28.12 Firenze LTR version but it still does not work.

Hi @jbelle , thanks for reporting this!
I believe your table is not coming from the Speckle plugin, as OGR provider is not used for received layers in the current plugin version (2.17).

In any case, try to go to Layer → Save as, and save the table as a different file, and then try modifying the newly saved layer.

I am having exactly the same problem and have gone through the same steps described by you and also Kateryna. For me it is attribute data that is not saving. Keen to hear if you found a fix for this problem.

The easiest way would be to Select all features (1) copy your features (2) and paste as a new Temporary Scratch Layer (3) - those don’t have limitations in naming/editing. If Speckle is involved in any step here, let us know how can we reproduce the issue :raised_hands: