Unable to retrieve logs

Sorry this could go into the Bug Reports thread, but I have a feeling there could be a lot more here then just a simple bug. I was able to encounter a situation where I couldn’t load logs for a failed run:

The error message from the GET request for the logs:

Link to the Automation being run:

Link to the Function being run:

A little bit more information, this is our attempt at getting our internal geometry library to work within Speckle Automate.

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Thanks for reporting this @sanchez - I’ll investigate :mag:

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I’ve improved the log messages that we receive in the server. If you try again and it re-occurs, I will hopefully have more information to debug this issue.



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Just re-run it then with run id “48d5f6cdaec6c8aafbaf” (still got the same error as above), if you need some more time for your changes to propagate through I can re-run at a later too.



I created an automation using your function, and have been able to recreate the issue with the missing logs.

I was able to view the logs from my automation from within the system as it was running, and captured this screenshot. It errors and dumps the following stack trace:

I’m not sure if this is an error due to how I configured the Automation, or whether it is the same issue that your Automation is experiencing.

However, in any case it should have stored the logs and they should have been retrievable via the UI. I’ll continue looking into this.



Awesome, thanks for the update Iain!

Just tagging myself into this so I can keep track of progress :eyes:


It appears, though we don’t have definitive evidence, that it is the size of the logs being generated that is causing an issue. Our system is recording that 207Mb of logs are generated by the automation and then we encounter an error. Not conclusive that it is the large log size but an avenue of investigation for the moment.

Would you be able to reduce the log size generated by the Function to see if that helps?

Given the screenshot above, it may be that it is the error from the .Net library that is generating a lot of logs - without having looked at your source code, perhaps it is in a recurring/infinite loop that encounters an error on each iteration?

In the meantime we’ll investigate how to support larger log sizes.



Cheers @iainsproat, @sanchez is on leave for easter but says this answers his question for now, thanks for the follow up!