Unable to find Revit Shared parameters in Grasshopper

Hello everyone, I just found out about Speckle and i am super excited try it out.
I have project that i am working on, i want to send Revit objects with Shared parameters and Recive it in Grasshopper. I want to combine the Mesh with the Value of the LTA_waarde (which is a shared parameter). I couldn’t find the parameter anywhere in grasshopper so i dicided to look in the Speckle viewer. To my suprise I was able to find the parameter i was struggling to find.

I did some testing and found that Speckle in Grasshopper is able to find the project parameters of a model.

Maybe I over looked something, I want to thank you in advance for helping me :smile:

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Hey @670593 ,

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Custom shared parameters are stored by their GUID in Revit API. If you examine it in Speckle’s viewer, you would see that. You can get it’s value by searching via its GUID.

BTW, You can write a really short Python script to skip all Deconstruct Speckle Object nodes. Take a look👇: