Unable to create speckle server using local host

I have downloaded speckle manager and the dependencies but i

am not able to add account as local host refused to connect.
Please help me to understand how exactly it works

Hi Meesum Hyder, do you have a local Speckle server running?
If not, have a look at the Speckle docs on how to setup a server: https://speckle.guide/dev/web.html

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Hey Thanks for your reply
I have been through this https://speckle.guide/dev/web.html but getting stuck at registering server url

Hey @Meesum_Hyder! Those are wip docs, and we’re working through them as we speak. There’s quite a few puzzle pieces that have to still fall into place before we have a public release.

If you’re really really really curious, you can use https://staging.speckle.dev - it’s our test server for internal use and we flush data unpredictably, but it should be ok for a quick test.

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