Unable to add Speckle account to client

Hi - I am unable to log in to my arup speckle account in revit 2020. The speckle revit plugin says I have no speckle accounts yet. (I do, but I assume it means I haven’t added them to Revit?)

anyway, when I click Add an Account, I can choose between Default account (blank drop down list) or New Account. When I put the Arup details in the New Account section, it opens up a browser window, logs me in using my speckle details, closes the browser and then… back to where I started!

If I try adding an account again, it says “The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request”

There is another option to “Manually add the account”, but I’ve no idea what I enter into the text box that appears.



Hey @samstyles,
That’s correct, accounts need to be added to your local machine to be used!
If redirect from the Speckle web app fails, we can try the manual flow:

  • Insert the server URL and click on “Add New Account”

  • Log in to the server

  • Copy the connection string

  • Click on “Manually add the account”

  • Input the connection string in the popup that shows up

Hi Matteo - thanks very much for the swift reply. The issue I have is that when I press the “Add new account” button, it opens up in a new chrome tab, signs in, and then closes - all within the space of about half a second… I can just about press the “show connection string” button if I throttle Chrome back, but I’ve no chance of copying it.

I think I may have found the string ID in the Chrome headers - but inputting that into the “Manually add the account” bos didn’t do anything…

Is there any other way of accessing the connection string?

If you actually do have accounts that are visible somewhere else (ie, earlier revit, gh/rhino, etc) that means there’s an issue with speckle in Revit 2020. You don’t need to add them to revit specifically, they are shared across apps on one windows profile (yours!). Can you confirm this is the case?

We might scrape some time next week to dig into this on our end.

Yes, Speckle is working fine in GH/Rhino.

Ok well, then it sounds like the Revit addin is misbehaving…
Assuming you haven’t done so already, and that you’re not running a custom Arup release, I’d suggest trying to uninstall Speckle (from programs and features) and the re-installing the latest v1 release: https://github.com/speckleworks/SpeckleInstaller/releases/download/1.8.31/Speckle.exe

Hi, just coming back to this now; I have removed and reinstalled Speckle, and still seeing a very similar problem - Speckle is working fine elsewhere on my machine but the Specklerevit component cannot see my account. When I try to add new account, it still logs in in a new browser window, and then very quickly closes it. It does then give an error message saying: "Speckle had a problem adding your account; let us know what happened. This is what the computer says: “Failed to listen on prefix http://localhost:5050/ because it conflicts with an existing registration on the machine”.

By taking a photo of the screen while it does the rapid login / close window routine, I can see that it logs in as per the attached image. I have managed to click on the show connection string button, but there is no way I would be able to copy it before the window closes itself.

“Failed to listen on prefix http://localhost:5050/ because it conflicts with an existing registration on the machine”

Is there any chance there’s another speckle account manager open somewhere else at the same time? Alternatively, is there any other application open and listening on your localhost:5050 port? It’s weird if it’s working with other connectors and refuses just on revit.

Another data point is which server is this happening with?

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Hi - thanks again for the reply.

I was thinking along the same lines, so rebooted and went straight into Revit. As previously, it quickly logged in and closed the Chrome window (no error message this time).

But, when I tried to add my account again, Chrome asked me to login to my Arup account using two-factor authentication (maybe the validity of my previous 2FA had coincidentally expired right at this time?!). Anyway, once I’d logged in, the same process occurred - but this time the Chrome window stayed open and I am finally logged in!

To be honest, I’ve no idea what caused the problem to resolve itself - I have rebooted and retried several times since November. And I feel like the port 5050 message could have been a red herring caused by trying to log in several times(?) - but anyway, it’s logged in now.

Next problem: Seems like it can’t see any of my streams… I have 6 streams on my Speckle account, including one specific one for export of scheme builder column objects - so I assume these should show up here?


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The streams should show up in there indeed!
I’ve had it happen that sometimes due to slow internet they don’t…

Maybe try restatring Revit a couple of times?
If that also fails maybe @daviddekoning’s team could help debug what’s going on, there seem to be a few things broken in your setup :confounded:

Thanks for the reply Matteo, just to say I have picked this up with David’s team and they are looking into it. I’ll get back to you if/when they get to the bottom of the issue.