UE5 bug in compile with starter content

Hi Jedd,

for some reason the project does not compile when I place Speckle Plugin with Git inside Plugins folder.

Steps to reproduce

  1. UE5->New Game Project->Blank [Blueprint with Starter content] at c:\UE5\MyProject

  2. Clone your speckle repo at c:\UE5\MyProject\Plugins\speckle-unreal

→ Error: Try to compile from source code.


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Well I found it. :slight_smile:

It should not have starter content.

I do not know why. It seems a bug somewhere.

Hmmm, Perhaps it’s an issue with blueprint projects not wanting to compile a C++ plugin until you enable C++ in the project settings.

I’ll do some investigations, We are looking at publishing our plugin through the Unreal Marketplace, which would allow for a super easy install experience.